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Concealing under-eye area

I do realize that concealer is a very personal thing and everyone has different expectations in regards to the concealer. Here are my thoughts on the concealer and what I like to pair it with, depending on the needs and skin type.

First of all, you need to understand what your concern is. Is it a discolouration, dark under eyes, dry or oily skin, under-eye bags, or a combination of those? In my opinion, you need to understand address your main concerns, keeping in mind the type of your skin to find the best products for your needs.

Keep in mind that the less product you apply the better it is for your skin 🥰

Just to keep it simple you have following sorts of concealers:

  • serum concealers - I find them nice to apply and they feel good on the skin, but they do have mostly really light coverage

  • liquid - that will have light to medium coverage and mostly are lightweight and easy to apply and stretch

  • cream - medium to full coverage, highly pigmented and therefore need thiner layer applications

Let's start with the ideal situation, where you have no discolouration in the under-eye area, and your skin is tight and hydrated (not dry and not oily). If your goal is:

  • to equalize the colour of your skin, then I suggest to start with applying your foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, etc. First see if you need any additional coverage and if not, you're good to go 👏

  • to brighten the eye area, then I suggest to get one shade lighter concealer and apply it as needed in the under-eye area (it's a small area, so you don't need a ton of product)

And now let's get to the challenges and I will group them in the following sections:

  • dry under-eye area - if whatever you apply starts to look like you have a desert under your eyes, then before you apply any colour products, you need to make sure the skin under your eyes is REALLY hydrated. That means applying multiple layers of moisturizer/eye cream and let it sink in between the layers. Do one more then you think you need (advice from Wayne Goss ❤️❤️❤️). Here you must really consider, that the less product you apply the more your skin will look like skin.

  • discolouration - if you are struggling with dark circles and/or discolouration on the outer corner of your eyes you might want to apply a thin layer of a colour corrector to neutralize discolouration before applying the concealer (for purple-blue you would need to apply peachy-orange colour corrector). Once the colour is neutralized apply the concealer that matches your skin colour, foundation or a shade lighter if you want to brighten up this area.

  • combination of the two above - I think it's better to use less (thin layers) of high coverage product then more of the lightweight concealer with sheer to medium coverage (as you will need to apply more of the product to achieve the coverage you're looking for).

  • under-eye bags - there is not much you can do to cover those. What you can do, however, is not to draw attention to it, and that means don't brighten up this area. You should go for shades in your skin tone/foundation colour.

I hope that this is helpful 🥰

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