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Exercising creativity in everyday life

I'm sure that some of you will be thinking that you're not an artist so you don't need to be creative, that you are too busy with things you need to get done in a day to have time for it. I don't know how about you, but for me creativity has many faces. What they do have in common, at least in my experience, is they make me feel accomplished, motivated to do more and get better. That's all nice and well, but...

How can you use and embrace your creativity?

I'm sure that you'll experience that the more you are forced to do things, that at first seemed to be at least difficult, if not impossible; the more creative you get. If there is a need there is a solution 😎So you'll do, what you need to, to make it work! Circumstances are a big part of how creative we need to be. And the interesting thing is, that once you put your focus, your motivation and determination to it, you will succeed. In some cases this would be also the last time you've tried it, but you will make it.

Another thing to extend your creativity is curiosity. Being curious is opening up the world of endless possibilities to develop skills, taste, music, culture, others. Anything actually. What you need is just open up to allow yourself to discover those new experiences and you will see that you will explore something new about yourself.

In makeup I like to push myself with limiting the tools or products to get to the result I'm looking for. This way I'm searching for options to use what I have in a different ways. During COVID-19 and since we're still in lockdown, I've had to go out of my comfort zone and be my own model. I've educated myself on how to present the makeup in photos.

Have the courage to try, execute, succeed and fail.

#creativity #courage #curiosity

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