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Is makeup fun? Or is it just a task we decide we should include in our lives?

In one of the earlier posts, I've mentioned a memory of my mom waking up earlier than all of us, to have a coffee and put on the makeup. She's still doing it, but differently than 20 years ago. I always appreciated this about her, trying to be the best version of herself regardless if she was going anywhere or just staying at home.

I've started wearing makeup when I was about 15, and by wearing makeup, I'm saying a mascara and some concealer. I felt like I should wear at least a mascara as my lashes were (and still are) pretty light in colour and mascara did help to frame my eyes. Since then I wouldn't leave the house without mascara. I definitely didn't consider makeup as fun back then. It was something I felt I needed to do to make my eyes visible.

As I grew older, I've started to wear more makeup eyeshadows, foundation, powder, blush; especially when going out or special events. But I still didn't consider makeup fun. I've considered makeup as a tool to enhance my facial features based on the "standard" eye makeup I could see in the magazines. It was ok, but no one could see it with my hooded eyes 😂

Fast forward to my 30-ties, and I got engaged in makeup differently. Partly, because my skin was changing, and partly because I discovered YouTube. I was so astonished how makeup can look. I got so inspired by Lisa Eldridge, Wane Goss, Andreea Ali, Aly Art, Red Lipstick Monster, Ghothamista. And if I could feel this way, I would love to help other women feel it too.

I have found a perfect makeup school for me, filled with fantastic teachers and fellow students. All so positive, encouraging, educative, supportive, informative and creative. That's true what they say, you need to know your basics first, and then you can explore and have fun. Getting to know the basics of the makeup application allowed me to look at makeup differently. It opened the door of possibilities and play. Knowing what the products and colours can do, how you can play with textures and mix. And that, my dear Reader, that made the makeup fun. My goal is to bring the same sense of joy and playfulness to others as much as I can. Makeup can be fun if:

  • you're not afraid to use it

  • you're open to failure

  • you use the products you have in different ways

You have to remember that it's just makeup. What's the worst that can happen? If you don't like it, you wash it off 😉

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