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Using make up to set yourself for the day

I think we all have our morning routine. Things we need to do and also things that make us feel good about ourselves, help us wake up, put us in this positive mode to start the day. No matter what comes our way that's the way that helps you get there.

Beside my morning skin care routine that is something I need to do to take care of my skin and I also cannot imagine not doing it. This gives me the really good basis, but that's not enough for me to make me feel good for the rest of the day.

What sets me are the following three steps:

And here is why....

Step 1

Coffee for me is a ritual and I think I take it from home. I've seen my mom starting the day waking up before all of us just to have this moment to herself, having the first coffee alone and getting ready. Coffee was also a big part of my student life a good reason to meet friends, a great afternoon break. That is what gives me the positive vibe and helps me get my thoughts. I don't have the need to have sounds around the first coffee, it's good for me to just be there and have this first coffee of the day experience.

Step 2

Music... I think we all know that the music has this magic power to set the mood and create a certain attitude and feeling. For me music and colours are very much linked and they affect my mood enormously. And the step 3 without the music is not working for me.

Step 3

Makeup. Even before I really understood what a proper and technical makeup is (which is, when I was in my 30-ties), I felt naked without it. I always needed some foundation and mascara, later eyeshadows joined. Makeup for me is this little bit of effort that sets me apart and makes me feel like a better version of me. As my mom would say, makeup helps her see better ;)

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