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My first conscious buy of makeup brushes

It all started when I've been looking for products to handle my undereye area, that has gotten worse when I got closer to my thirties and even more so after thirty. I was actually searching for skin products, that would improve my skin, but what I found was much more than that. I've discovered a YouTube in a way that changed my life with all the tutorials and education available to all. And I LOVED it ❤️❤️

Watching all of those beautiful makeup applications, I thought that I need to get myself some tools to possibly have my makeup application better.

My criteria were not overly exaggerated. What I was looking for was good quality at a reasonable price. I already knew that SEPHORA and INGLOT have good quality brushes. While researching of some other brands, I came across ZOEVA. I was really intrigued by this brand, as it represented all that I've been looking for good quality products that are really affordable.

Here is why I chose those brushes:

Foundation / powder brush: @sephora(#45 old collection) - this brush was to be used for mineral foundation, however, it seemed to me like a perfect shape and density to apply foundation (I used it for both powder and liquid foundations)

Contour brush: @zoevacosmetics(#127) - since I've decided to get the blush (yes, also from ZOEVA), I needed a fluffy brush to apply it. This one has served me so well for years and still does (that's how good quality it is)

Concealer brush: @zoevacosmetics(#142) - this brush was perfect at the time for buffing out the concealer. Now however I find it too big and too dense for my undereyes. I'm now using more for cream contouring.

Eye brushes:

@inglot_cosmetics (#13P) - I'm still loving this precision brush. Perfect for lash line, inside corner, brow bone highlight, precision smudging

@sephora (#60 old collection) - perfect to apply all over the eyelid, fluffy enough to make it seamless

@zoevacosmetics (#225, #228, #317) - 225 brush is one of my favourite blending brushes till today. 228 is really soft and is perfect for seamless blending application in the crease. I like using the angle brush for creating a liner with the eyeshadow, as it seems less dramatic and it's great to do for beginners.

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