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Which eyeshadows are worth your money?

To be totally honest, when I was in my 20-ties I thought, that spending money on some eyeshadows was not worth it. I could understand and even find several good reasons for buying a good (in my view) foundation. I did own some eyeshadows, but for me back then the most important aspect of makeup was the foundation, concealer, and mascara. Probably I should even say it in a reverse order 😁

Possibly it was also because I could hardly see any impact of the eyeshadows on my hooded eyes, and I really didn't know how to apply (back then there was no YouTube where you could easily learn from).

But then I got to my 30-ties, and the time has come to discover some more about makeup and what it can do for me. And then I've realized that having good eyeshadows, and knowing how to apply them, is actually worth it. However, the only eyeshadows that are worth your money are those you are actually going to use. It's like having a bike or riding a bike 😎

Turns out, that like with everything you have (shoes, clothes, hi-tech, tools, you name it), if you are not using it, why did you buy it? In regards to makeup, especially eyeshadows, in my opinion, you DEFINITELY shouldn't keep it for a special occasion. You are getting so much product in all palettes and even more of the product if you are buying single colours. The only choices you should be making are:

  • the range of colours you would like to have in your palette (neutrals, bright, pastel, etc.),

  • the finish: matte, shimmers, metallic, glitter, etc.,

  • the type: pressed powder, baked, cream, etc.

Take your time and choose those you know will bring you joy, will be easy for you to apply and will make you feel good.

Take your time and choose those you know will bring you joy, will be easy for you to apply, and will make you feel good.

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